US SmartStudy Learning Center is the first “All in One Learning Centre” being collaboratively operated by ‘NASC’ and SmartStudy. Featuring both its distinguishing Flipped classroom and professional VIP tutoring, the mission of US SmartStudy is to inspire Chinese students of all ages to improve their language skills and expand their horizons through a lifelong commitment to learning. By empowering students to explore their potential, to build self-confidence, and to develop a global vision, SmartStudy is committed to cultivating a new generation of talents with stronger learning ability and better outcomes. 

Smart Learning Strategy

Dynamic Learning


  • S-P-G-T-E+T
  • Complete Learning Cycle
  • Dynamic Study Plan


  • 5 :1 Tutor-Student Ratio
  • Companion Style Tutoring
  • Real-Time Study Feedback


  • Smart Study System
  • Easy Learning  
  • Significant Improvement