Introduction to “North America Service Center”

The “NASC” is a comprehensive information service platform for international students in Greater New York area. We are committed to serving international students and visiting scholars in the New York, providing high-quality services such as real estate brokerage, vehicles, luggage delivery, wireless plan, insurance, airport pick-up&drop off, and law consulting. We also hold a variety of activities for students on a regular basis to create a comfortable and wonderful study abroad experience for you!

The Original Intention of “North America Service Center”

     I have a dream, and there is no judgement based on where you came from.

To us, dreams are not only a promise to ourselves, but also a commitment to customers.

We are a group of young people with dreams. Many years ago, we came to the United States, the land that is promised with harvest as long as you cultivate the seeds of your dreams. Through years of hard work, we have finally found a way to realize our dreams. It is not an outstanding person who dreams, but the ability to dream big that makes one outstanding. We pursue our dreams just like you. The only difference is that our dream is to help you realize your dreams.The “NASC”, came into being following this dream. We have been serving international students in the US after our founding meeting in a small cafe shop in low manhattan. 

This is the best incarnation of the original intention for us to work hard and it has never changed.

The Current State of “North America Service Center”

In practice, “NASC” are offering these 5 categories of service:

Education Service that serves the students on their way to their dream schools.

Language Learning Center that offers ESL courses and business English courses, bridging the gap between you and the English-speaking world.

Career Service that mentors and guides you in your professional life so that you can land a job with a better blueprints.

Real Estate Service that does professional brokerage service for you whenever you want to rent, buy or sell a home.

The Future of “North America Service Center”

In the future, the “NASC” will not only want to think about what foreign students want, wholeheartedly solve the worries of the students studying abroad, but also become the reliance and arms of international students study in the US. Here, all of our members promise that we will go all out to make “NASC” a diversified service platform headed by the interests of international students in Greater New York.