Since the premiere in New York in 2011, the immersion drama of Sleep No More (hereinafter referred to as SNM) has received much attention, and many small partners have already experienced or are already on the road of experience. This drama is amazing, no matter where it goes. Haven’t been there, you will want to read the detailed guide! Come and meet everyone’s needs today~

Immersive drama

The Immersive Theatre originated in the UK and broke the way traditional actors are on stage and the audience is on stage. During the performance, the actors will be distributed throughout the theater, and the audience will need to choose where they want to go and follow the actors they want to follow. The initiative is stronger and the viewing experience is more personalized. You can watch it from a distance, or you can look at it in close proximity, without prejudice to the plot! Generally speaking, the actors express their meaning through body language, so it is also possible to read English without slipping, no problem!

Purchase ticket/pre-departure preparation

When you purchase a ticket, you need to choose the exact time. Every day, three rounds of performances will be staged. Each round of the plot will be the same. One round will last for one hour. The sooner you enter the scene, the more complete the content will be. There are three types of tickets. If you just want to experience the drama, it is enough to buy a base ticket of $99.50! However, we must remind everyone to pay attention. It is necessary to go to the queue one hour or so before the opening time, because the security guard will check the ID one by one to see if you are 21 or older and can buy alcohol at the bar inside.

It is recommended that you wear light clothes when you go, preferably wearing sneakers, because the show is going to run around 😂. Children’s shoes that usually wear glasses can be considered to wear contact lenses, because the audience must wear white masks, wearing frame glasses will be very uncomfortable. You can also wear a watch so that you can probably know where the plot is going. Don’t worry about carrying jackets and bags. You can store them before you enter the market, for $4 per person.

Theater location

Unlike traditional Broadway shows, SNM’s theatre is located at The McKittrick Hotel in the Chelsea district. It was built in 1939 and gradually became obsolete after World War II.

Due to the performance of SNM, it has gradually restored its vitality. In addition to being used as the fifth floor of the theatre, there is also a roof bar called Gallow Green, the restaurant of The Illusionist’s Table, and the Manderley Bar, which can be served before and after the show.

Admission process

After queuing into the venue and storing the good things, you will come to the very retro Manderley Bar, where there will be many audiences waiting to enter. In order to help the audience get into the state better, there will be some retro-dressed actors talking in pairs.

I suggest that you do the final preparation before entering the venue, drink water, go to the bathroom or something, it is recommended not to drink alcohol, otherwise it is very likely to drink half, you are called away. At this time, the staff will send the “real ticket” to your hand. It is a playing card. The numbers above correspond to your order of entry. A is the first to enter, followed by 2, 3, 4… analogy. Then, after waiting for a while, a staff member will start calling in front of the microphone on the stage and enter in groups.

When entering, a white mask will be distributed and the rules will be notified. The rule is that you can’t use your mobile phone to take pictures or video during the performance, the mask should always be carried, and you can’t talk. The staff wears a black mask, symbolizing the black ghost, and will not participate in the plot. If you want to quit during the period, you can find the staff to help, but in general, the staff is not used.

Then you have to enter the elevator. Generally speaking, you will rise from the 2nd floor bar to the 5th floor. The person who manages the elevator will release people or stop at any time. If you don’t want to be separated from your friends, don’t be the last person to go to the elevator. It is very likely that someone will be thrown to any level. However, SNM officially encourages everyone to enjoy a person’s drama experience, so if you are accidentally released by a person, then enjoy it!

Character introduction

The SNM script is adapted from Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Macbeth”, which tells the story of the tragedy that Macbeth was killed by the three witches who became kings and began to kill all the people who were on his way to the king.

The main characters have the following ten:

Macbeth Macbeth: The man, is predicted to become a king; in order to seize the throne, he will continue to kill, kill, kill…

Lady Macbeth: The female lord, 怂恿 Macbeth seizes the throne

Duncan Duncan: King, killed by Macbeth

Macduff McDuff: Lord, wife and his unborn child were killed by Macbeth

Lady Macduff Mrs. McDuff: Pregnant woman, killed by Macbeth

Malcolm: The prince is also the legal heir to the throne

Banquo Ban Ke: Macbeth’s friend is also a general who loyal to King Duncan

Bald Witch, Boy Witch, Sexy Witch: Bald Witch, Wizard, Sexy Witch, predicts that Macbeth will become king, and Banco’s descendants will become kings.

There are 24 characters in the play. In addition to the main characters above, there are also line roles like maids, housekeepers, nurses, doctors, tailors, and bartenders to promote the development of the plot.

If you want to recognize the protagonists, you can recognize each time the characters sit on the long table. Generally speaking, the long table from left to right is Macbeth, Mrs. McDuff, MacDuff, sexy witch, prince, king, bald witch (actor may also not be bald), Banco, wizard, Macbeth Madame, here you can find the person you want to follow, and then the actor will spread out and hurry up.

Theater map

5F: Psychiatric hospital, grove, restroom (no map, welcome to add!)

Brief analysis of the plot

(spoiler warning!)

In fact, the main story is very simple, Macbeth and Banke met three witches in the forest after a battle, the witch told them that Macbeth will replace the current king, and then Banco’s descendants will become kings. After Macbeth went home to tell his wife, his wife kept licking Macbeth, and took the opportunity to poison the king’s drink at the ball, giving Macbeth a chance to suffocate the king when he was asleep. After that, the Macbeth couple was in an endless sense of guilt, but they couldn’t stop the murder for the final throne. Banco, his son Friens (even escape), Mrs. McDuff, and eventually Mike White escaped. Def and Prince Melken joined hands and hanged, and Banco’s son also predicted and successfully became a king.

After entering the game, all the protagonists will dance in the 1F ballroom, especially the king dancing with Mrs. Macbeth, so Macbeth will burn in the 1.5F very bonfire. After the dance, everyone can keep up with the role they want to follow. The king and Mrs. Macbeth will leave together and go to the bar at 2F. Mrs. Macbeth swindles the king to drink a glass of wine, and the king immediately goes to sleep.

After Mrs. Macbeth came home, Macbeth was very angry and danced with her for a dance. With her “Do It!”, Macbeth went to the second floor and suffocated the sleeping king with a pillow. After that, Macbeth left the king’s bedroom in horror and returned to his home. (This paragraph he left very fast, to keep up!)

Then Mrs. Macbeth embraced and comforted him, helping him wash his body (to ensure the authenticity of art, Macbeth was naked). At the same time, the prince, Banke and McDuff saw the king dying in bed. The three people buried the king in the graveyard with great sorrow, and then went to the 4F billiard room to drink. This paragraph is also full of tension. And using a lot of metaphors, after McDuff and the prince left, Banco stayed in the billiard room.

At this time, Macbeth came to the 4F Bar Park, and it came to the highest point of the whole drama – the Three Witch Festival. Three witches will sacrifice a dead baby to celebrate Macbeth becoming a king. In the strong metal music and the flashing lights, the audience passively watched a frame of the picture to form a magical scene of sacrifice, the heart can not help but be cautious!

Macbeth thought of Banco in the prophecy and decided to go to the billiard room to kill him. After fighting with him, Banco was eventually killed. At the same time, the prince and McDuff, who left the billiard room, also had an inquiry, but it was a small theater that was limited to about ten people. If you want to see it, the pace must be fast and keep up!

After two wonderful opponents, they came to the first “last supper” on the long table. Here, Ban Ke will appear as a ghost image of blood, and everyone will be full of toasts in the rush of music. This will be the end of the first two hours, and the third time will be different.

After the first long-term party, Mrs. Macbeth left the night and was taken to the 5F mental hospital because she was very nervous after Macbeth killed the king. The nurse will give her a shot of tranquilizer and leave, but when Mrs. Macbeth gets up, she will scrub the blood and sink into the bathtub and commit suicide.

At the same time, Macbeth met Mrs. McDuff in the hotel lobby on the 2nd floor and brutally killed her and her children. After that, it will loop back to the ball and everything will start again. At the last long-table meeting, the prince and McDuff will hang up Macbeth together and hang until all the spectators leave the scene.

The story of the branch line mainly focuses on detectives and mental hospitals. It is not described here. Interested friends can look online to find out what it is.

Audience notice

The immersive drama is still very fresh for many people, so here is a good experience for everyone to do a SNM audience~

After the audience wears a white mask, they can better immerse themselves in the plot and be separated from the actors. During the performance, the audience can move freely and want to watch wherever they are (it is said that some people are watching the white bathing, the face is splashed with blood lol), as long as they don’t bother the actors to perform normally, don’t have no actors. Have physical contact with the actor at the time of the invitation. Of course, in addition to the plots that are going on in front of you, you should be a little farther away from some devices that may involve the next story, in case you hinder the actors or injuries, don’t worry, if there is a problem, the staff or actors will give you tips.

Another major feature of SNM is the 1-on-1 opportunity, where the actor will pull the audience and interact with him. There are 13 such opportunities in the whole play. In addition to the long table story, some mainline actors may pull people to interact, and most of the mainline actors do not have a one-on-one story. So if you want to experience one-on-one interactive children’s shoes, be sure to have at least a few sideline actors to get an opportunity to interact! If you are invited, but you don’t want to go, politely wave your hand, the actor will invite others.

And as we mentioned above, SNM encourages everyone to be a personal experience, so even if it is with friends, don’t stick together, you can experience it separately, then you can put together the story when the bar reunites~ actor When you choose the object of 1-on-1, it is easier to pick a person. The staff in the elevator will also pick up the friends who are special together. Just go out alone and break you up, just to make the audience more immersed in the plot. in.

Finally, if people are crowded and can’t keep up with the mainline actors, it’s great to go to the sideline story! You can also study research props, site layout, etc. After all, it is the hard work of the staff!

Having said so much


Don’t hesitate

Go and book your ticket!

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