New York, with the most difficult summer, the climate is uncertain, the heat is so faint; New York, also has the happiest summer, walking on the road, the big legs of the younger sisters, the chest muscles of the little brothers, seeing people drooling ~ Fitness is a trend, but also a culture. I am not too healthy to say that I am a twister.

In the hot summer, fitness is a lot of attention. The strong mood of getting handsome and beautiful can be understood, but if the method is not right, it will be very dangerous. Next, let’s take a look at how to exercise more effectively this summer .



In the hot summer, what is more comfortable than soaking in the water. People who work in the water are 12 times more resistant than those on land, and can exercise to almost all the large muscle groups in the body , back, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs. You can consume 550 calories in an hour 






Swimming pool recommendation
Printing House Fitness+ Squash Club
Address: 421 Hudson St., near Leroy Street.
Le Parker Meridien 
Address: 119 W. 56th St., near 6th Avenue.
Tony Dapolito Recreation Center 
Address: 3 Clarkson St., near 7th Avenue.


Jogging is probably the favorite way of sports for Americans. Whether it is spring, autumn, winter or summer, even if the sun is shining or snowy, the American people insist on running on the streets, it is really a hero. Can not help but remind the little friends, fitness or to choose their own comfortable way to last. Be sure to choose a pair of comfortable running shoes, do stretching exercises, and maintain the correct posture.

Jogging place
  • Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges
  • Hudson river
  • Flushing Meadows–Corona Park
  • Central Park Reservoir



Dancing can not only help the body burn calories, but also cultivate elegant temperament. However, for healthy people, moderate-intensity dances need to last for more than 30 minutes, while high-intensity dances must last for 20-25 minutes.

Recommended in the dance studio
TAKALA LAND is the first hip-hop classroom in New York that was founded entirely by Chinese. Through 7 years of hard work, I have had successful cooperation with many Asian artist brokerage companies, large-scale concert production teams, world-famous street dance masters and hip-hop culture promotion brands. With a world-class team of teachers and high-quality dance courses, they have their own two major brand events. 





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Anaerobic exercise is relative to aerobic exercise. During exercise, the body’s metabolism is accelerated, and accelerated metabolism requires more energy, so the body quickly breaks down the body’s sugar, protein and fat .
Strength Training
Going to the gym for strength training is an effective means of anaerobic exercise, consuming 480 calories per hour . In muscle training , the role of anaerobic exercise is more obvious. About the gym, New York has been blooming all over the place, everyone will go to the apartment or the most convenient. 






In fact, the way boxing is a sport combining aerobic and anaerobic, explosive punches belongs to anaerobic exercise. In recent years, more and more women also like to start practicing boxing. This cool fitness method can not only consume a lot of calories, but also train people’s persistence and focus .

Water supplement

During the fitness process, we sweat a lot and cause a lot of water shortage.

At this time, hydration becomes very important, but water can’t be drunk.
Appropriate amount of water before fitness
Before the fitness is an important scientific hydration opportunity! This moisture is the “preserved” water in the human body, which is transformed into the blood during the exercise process, accompanied by sweating. Many people think that drinking water before exercise can cause stomach cramps, and we must change this misconception . However, it is not possible to replenish excess water before exercise, otherwise it will dilute the body fluids in the human body, destroy the electrolyte balance, and increase the blood volume to increase the burden on the heart. Therefore, it is best to start the hydration 30 minutes before the start of fitness , and gradually add it to control about 300mL .
Avoid cold drinks after fitness
After vigorous exercise, it is better to drink normal temperature water . You can drink cold drinks to help your body cool down. But cold ice cold food will cause the blood vessels in the stomach to be suddenly stimulated and contract quickly, which will increase the gastrointestinal motility and cause gastrointestinal dysfunction. The rate of digestion and absorption of food is slow, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea. Fitness equipment
Summer tights
In the summer, it will be very uncomfortable for the clothes to stick to the body after sweating. At this time, you must wear tights. Especially the sports bra! The consequences of not wearing, the little girls you will know o (╥ _ ╥) o. . About the sportswear brand, Unde r Armor, Nike, Adidas , and Uniqlo are also very comfortable.
In the end, the fitness that does not control the diet is a rogue! How many times, the gym came out with an ice cream, ε=( ́ο`*))) 唉, I can’t do it myself, I still want to encourage my classmates, I wish the ladies and sisters can be thin and beautiful, I wish my little brother. We have a few more chocolates!


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