What is the most difficult question to answer in the world?

calculus? biological? astronomical? Geography?

No no no!


What do you want to eat at noon today (evening)?


There are too many options for food.

It’s hard to choose a baby with a syndrome! !

Is it hot pot? barbecue? Hand-Pulled Noodle? Crayfish?

 Sichuan cuisine? Grilled fish? Oysters?


at this time


Definitely best meet you (tan) love (lan)!

What? Fear of fat? On the way to lose weight, who is the sky?

Nowadays! Recommend a cool store for everyone!

Located in the prime location of Manhattan’s Chinatown, Judo Restaurant is a cute restaurant. The restaurant features hello Kitty as the theme of decoration. The main buffet is a barbecue with a full range of flavors. The three self-service packages are: buffet hot pot , buffet barbecue , and buffet hot pot barbecue . It is not only delicious , but also cost-effective. How can such a store not make sense?
First take a look at the buffet barbecue


Of course, the best level of barbecue is the kebab!

The freshly grilled meat skewers are also shiny, and the aroma is overflowing, and the smell can be heard from far away. The meat skewers are not greasy, but the outside is crispy and tender , with some cumin powder and chili powder on top, so that the skewers are more flavorful! Lean meat is very chewy, and when chewing, the aroma of meat oil fills the mouth. At this time, we have no other adjectives, we can only say “good”! ! ! ! !
 In addition to the meat skewers, the types of other strings are also endless! For example, kiss the intestines, fish balls, shrimp, squid, etc., there must be less leek and enoki mushroom!
You are a shellfish enthusiast and you will definitely be satisfied with it! Especially recommended grilled oysters , medium size, but very fresh, with garlic , it is the best in the world! ! ! You can eat another dozen after eating one! ! ! There is also a grilled green mouth with mayonnaise is also delicious, don’t want it!

If the barbecue can’t satisfy you, then you will definitely want to try the skewer!

More choices for more delicious! Hot pot buffet has a special selection area and seasoning area, choose your favorite mix, take a bunch of bunches and throw it into the pot! You don’t have to wait long, you can start enjoying the delicious hot pot skewers!

If you want to eat barbecue hot pot skewers,

Of course, you can ignite the pot string + barbecue buffet ~! Although the price will be slightly more expensive, it will make you eat very cool!

In addition to this, there are unlimited supply of crayfish and chicken feet!

Suitable for all kinds of self-help.


Although it is self-help, but the crayfish are all quality and quantity, the shrimp head is full of yellow, I can “eat a pound”!


In addition, there are grilled fish! Three friends have ordered a large plate of grilled fish, which is also excellent!

Of course, in order to take care of the working class (and single dogs), the gathering point also provides everyone with an affordable, good amount of good Lunch special ! A variety of ingredients of all kinds of flavors cooked delicious spicy, only seven or eight knives , guaranteed to eat for you! And it will make your taste buds absolutely satisfying!
The choice is really super!
It is worth mentioning that the service of this store is really very special, every staff member is warm and hospitable, and they all wear gloves, chef hats, and the sanitary conditions are absolutely first-class, so that everyone can rest assured!
The decoration style of the store is also very unique. The pink girl’s heart is full of HelloKitty throughout the restaurant, so that everyone will be super happy when eating.
I will never tell you that you can still take a photo of the concave shape~
So little friends, are you going to gather here tonight?🙈