70% of the human body is water,

70% of my milk is probably milk tea.

About 70% of my milk tea is Debutea.



About half a year ago,

I first walked into 217 Thompson Street.

The tea shop that looks unobtrusive.

Debutea, when is the new tea shop open now? Go in and have a look. Entering the store door, the fresh design style, the fresh fruit behind the window, the thick and fragrant cheese in the bucket, immediately made my eyes shine. I have been in New York for so many years and have not seen such a style of tea shop.

Creative milk tea with flavor and value
Strawberry Sunset , the name on the Menu is fresh and seductive, and immediately attracted me. I ordered a cup and it turned out to be a cup of strawberry cheese milk tea. In the first place, the fragrance of the strawberry is mixed with the thick sense of the flesh. In the second mouth, the cheese on the upper layer is delicious and salty, and it is drilled into my throat. Salty and sweet strawberries + cheese, happiness into the belly from the cup, and spread throughout the body.




The air is filled with fruity aroma
The most girl’s milk tea
Since then, Debutea has become a place where I will often stop. At that time, I had a roommate. He was a fitness fan, even a person who couldn’t touch Coke, but he must drink Debutea. Over time, Debutea’s clerk knew him. One night, he left the library and went home through Debutea. At that time, the shop was about to get off work. The clerk saw him and warmly welcomed him. After chatting for a while, he sent him a cup of cheese tea. Although the milk tea is cool, it is warm to drink.
Thick thick milk cap
Milk tea plays an indispensable role in the life of modern international students, and it has become a drink that many students can’t do every day. In New York, where the tea brand is now blooming, Debutea constantly upgrades its products to optimize the taste and taste of the market, and presents better milk tea to the students.
Pursuing quality milk tea
Debutea is an advocate of cheese, and all the teas used are traceable. They are all brewed grade leaves. Debutea does not use milk powder, creamer and other powders, directly picks organic fresh fruits, and uses the top tea collection equipment to show you the charm of new Chinese tea. The current customer repurchase rate and word of mouth are the best response.
Debutea’s tea concept and sorting
Natural health
Delicious, raw material balance
Matching face values ​​and the most fashionable packaging and containers
Debutea features have always been at the forefront of trendy drinks in New York
Black sugar Jane milk waves wave tea

A few days ago, Debutea launched a heavy-weight limited-edition product, “Black Sugar Jane Bobo Tea”, which is limited to four pots per day. Each pot of black sugar pearls takes several hours to cook. In order to ensure a perfect taste and balance of ancient taste, Debutea chose a large pearl that needs more heat. The golden ratio of various brown sugars guarantees that each pearl contains full brown sugar and soft drinks at first.

After mixing, the pearl Q bomb is strong and the fresh milk is rich.

The crescent ice guarantees the rhythm of melting, and the tea is finished. The beautiful tiger skin on the cup is very ornamental. Stirring the road before drinking is full of movement! Now debutea brown sugar can choose two kinds of containers, the U-shaped cup of the rotating cover and the small bottle that can be smashed, like a friend can try!
Million cup milk tea plan
Debutea strives to be the home of the warmest international student milk tea in New York, and also focuses on charity and charity. On November 7, 2018, the 2018 Fusion Art Charity Gala sponsored by Debutea was held at the National Opera in New York, USA, in conjunction with UNICEF and Steinway Piano.
On this Thanksgiving Day, Debutea and the United States International Student Network of the United States and the United States , launched the “10,000 cup milk tea gift plan.” Thanksgiving NASC, and is Debutea way the United States Atlantic Group, NASC’s common theme in this Thanksgiving Day.



Wan cup of milk tea meter plan

Studying in New York, we are all a big family. New York family has been serving students for nearly a year, Debutea with the way the United States the other side of NASC on behalf of Chinese compatriots in New York, in particular, has been studying the sister school seniors in New York, New York home with tea welcomed a steady stream of upcoming freshmen . As long as you are a freshman in the Greater New York area, you are eligible to receive a cup of tea from Debutea within one year. The “ Wan Cup Milk Tea Gift Plan ” will cover one year, covering the winter and special summer drinks, so that the milk tea special drink will accompany you through the spring, summer, autumn and winter.
If you are a freshman in New York, do it now! Open the registration form below, choose your appropriate date, and pick up the Debutea that belongs to you. If you are already excited, you have not yet arrived in New York, it does not matter, you will have the opportunity to receive milk tea in the coming year!
Debutea limited to 27 cups a day
After the milk tea is collected on the day



The window will close

Debutea official Instagram is here~




Milk tea collection method tutorial:
Scan the QR code below to fill out the registration form. After the registration is successful, you will receive the Eventribe link sent by the event organizer.



1. Get your tea at the store of your choice (217 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012).

2, bring the student ID and present your Eventribe QR code.



3. The name indicated in the student ID must match the name on the registration form. The graduation number shown in Student ID must prove that you are a freshman enrolled this year.

4. After receiving the success, pay attention to DEBUTEA in the ins or give Debutea a valid comment on yelp.


Special Note : The number of undergraduate students enrolled in this year is 2022, and the undergraduate student ID must be written in 2022. The number of graduate students enrolled in this academic year is 2020, and the ID of the graduate student must be written in 2020. If the graduation period indicated by the student ID does not match your actual situation, you can present your offer letter at the store, and indicate to the store staff the time of admission as indicated in the offer letter. You can enjoy free milk tea during the natural year of 2018.


Written by: David

Typesetting: Enqi

Image: Debutea & Network

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